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“Thank you,” from the staff and patients of Annotto Bay Hospital

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Dear Sirs,

August 23, 2011

Dear Sirs,

On behalf of the patients and staff of the Annatto Bay Hospital (ABH), I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Jamaica Awareness Association of California (JAAC) for their invaluable contribution to the establishment and maintenance of the Laparoscopic Training Program at ABH.

Over the past seven years, JAAC and ABH have formulated a valuable relationship resulting in the provision of Laparoscopic Surgery to patients in the North East Region of Jamaica. This relationship has also afforded several categories of staff from ABH both local and international training. Doctors, nurses and Operating Theatre Technicians have gleaned significant benefits by being exposed to Laparoscopy, in the form of an annual Laparoscopic Conference, practical preceptorship in the Operating Theatre and two yearly visits to various hospitals in California for further exposure.

Apart from training, JAAC’s continuous contributions in terms of equipment and supplies, valued over two hundred million dollars, have played a major role in the sustenance of this program. The Laparoscopic Unit established at ABH is now able to function as a training institution for other medical personnels. To this feat, the program has mushroomed to involve several other hospitals traversing the entire four health regions throughout the island of Jamaica.

Patient education has significantly escalated to the point of patients requesting the “pin hole” surgery instead of the “big cut” to remove their gall bladder. Many patients intentionally seek out ABH as the institution of choice to access Laparoscopic Surgery.

The demand for and progress of the Laparoscopic program in Jamaica is evidence of the impact JAAC has had on the improvement in health care delivery to this nation. We wholeheartedly extend our sincere appreciated to the JAAC, especially the Surgical team, for their instrumental contribution to quality health care provision to Jamaica and we look forward to future development as we forge ahead.

“Healthy life style, Healthy environment, Healthy people”

I would like to congratulate JAAC for their excellent work and support of community projects in Health and Education both locally and abroad. I wish for you continued success in all your endeavors for the coming year and beyond.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Ray Frasier
Senior Medical Officer
Anotto Bay Hospital

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