JAAC is Dedicated

JAAC is dedicated to the advancement of the health and educational systems both locally in the United States and in Jamaica, and to making a real difference in the lives of the community by focusing on their education and concerns.

JAAC participates in holiday projects that provide food and packages to the needy in Los Angeles. JAAC also conducts an annual medical mission to rural communities in Jamaica each year with a team of medical professionals and other volunteers who provide medical screenings, laparoscopic surgeries, dental care, vision evaluations, and health education. We are very proud of the work we are doing, and since 2006, we initiated a laparoscopic training program for doctors in hospitals across the island of Jamaica.

JAAC’s projects are funded by fundraising events and donations. JAAC needs your support to continue to offer these beneficial, worthwhile, and critical projects in the coming year. We hope we can count on you to assist the deserving recipients of our programs by becoming a 2017 donor or corporate sponsor of JAAC.

JAAC has provided career counseling, financial assistance and numerous scholarships to assist high school students in Jamaica and local college-bound students in Los Angeles, California. As part of our education mission, JAAC has a computer initiative that provides elementary schools with computer labs. JAAC also participates in several local charity projects annually, such as local career days in Los Angeles schools and has officially adopted Inglewood High School.


Our partners and sponsors are passionate about their involvement with the Jamaica Awareness Association of California. Because of their generosity, we have been able to impact the lives thousands of people in Jamaica and the U.S. and raise money for much needed medical services, surgical treatments, education and technology, research, health screenings and treatment. Through our annual events and programs, we are able to make investments that continue to pay dividends – long after our volunteer teams have returned home.

Each sponsor, partner and volunteer continues to make a positive impact, helping both our communities connect and grow towards a brighter and healthier tomorrow. We ask that you remember to support our partners with your patronage and referrals. This allows them to enable us to continue to do great work.

No matter where you live, we invite you to join us as a Member of JAAC and provide your support as a volunteer or sponsor.